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Starting Over

It’s been so long since I posted to my blog. Last year I made the hard decision to leave my marriage of 15 years. After much support and consideration, I opted to leave a toxic situation and raise my children alone.

Everybody has issues, but nobody should commit to a serious relationship without dealing with their existing problems. A friend once told me “Don’t start a new book until you finish the one you’re reading”.

Unfortunately, the wounds from my ex’s prior relationship were never healed; the addictions unsatisfied. They festered into jealousy, control, and lies, which ultimately destroyed the trust – the foundation of our union. He has since returned to his first book to complete it.

He’s not a bad person. I will always love him for his numerous good qualities. He inspired and supported me in becoming a Nutritional Therapist. And he helped make our beautiful children.

Our children are brave, and though they should be protected from the complexities of the adult world, they have endured much pain, and are wise beyond their years. They stood by their parents faithfully, without judgement, throughout this divorce. They inspire me to be brave and strong on my own.

I choose to take responsibility for my part in the failed marriage, so I don’t repeat the mistakes of my past. I am learning about myself, so that I can make me the best version of My Self.

May this blog help me heal. May I spend my time wisely sharing wisdoms instead of despairing in sorrow. May I inspire others, so they inspire me to do what love.

May we all have peace, love, joy, and happiness. May we be kind because everyone is fighting a hard battle.

And so, I must close my book – unfinished……and start writing a new one.

~ Namaste


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Grounding Earth


How is possible that two cold bodies become warm when embraced?  Why is it we are drawn to touching massive, old growth trees?  How come it feels so invigorating to take our shoes off and connect with the Earth?  Why does wading in the ocean’s saline waters rejuvenate our souls?


We are all electricity.  Every breathing human, animal, and plant.  Every rock, element, particle.  We are All connected in this way.  Even when our bodies die, the energy is transferred to something or someone else.


A Friend of mine inspired me with his knowledge of flora, admiration of trees, and love of Sea Life and ice plants.  During our walks, he would regularly stop to study large fallen Maple leaves, palm the thick bark of a majestic ancient pine, or gently whisp the delicate leaves of a beautiful rainbow maple tree.  I remember how he slowed me down to appreciate the magic of simplicity.  He also spoke of grounding, letting the sun hit his face, and connecting spiritually.  I recall feeling recharged during these times.


I recently checked out the book “Earthing” and read it during an excursion to the Oregon coast.  The book explains how becoming balanced with earth’s electrical field by touching ground heals disease, improves mood, and increases overall health.  As the book suggested, I spent the majority of my time barefoot with my feet in the sand, which is what I have always naturally been inclined to do at the beach. 

During this time of grounding, there was no stress or pain.  The children lost track of time and dug through the sand, waded in the healing waters, while the sun warmed our bodies.


I take with me some vivid memories, and intent to ground with earth everyday regardless of time, duties, or excuses.





Spring Cleaning


Spring is an excellent time for cleansing the body, mind, heart, and soul.

For the Body:
Start by cleaning out your pantry and eliminate processed foods.  Visit the local farmers market or start greens in your own garden for some fresh super nutrients.
Consider fasting or a try a colonic cleanse to help clear your digestive tract.
Light exercises such as walking and yoga are helpful at moving the process along.

For the Mind:
Mindful practices such as meditation, hypnosis, and journaling are extremely effective methods of stress relief.  Letting go of toxic relationships, negative people, and other energy consuming stressors allow us to focus on bettering our Selves.  Prioritizing commitments in our lives will help us focus on what really matters.

For the Heart:
Forgiveness will set you free.  Be kind to Your Self and forgive your mistakes by letting go of the past and making positive changes NOW.
Realize that those who have broken your heart and damaged your trust are likely hurting worse than you.  So many are suffering from mental conditions, and everyone is fighting their own battle.  Only hurt people hurt people.  Instead of holding onto negative energy and anger, simply wish them peace and happiness, and lovingly set them free to go their own way.
Practice random and loving acts of kindness with others.  Be generous, and your heart will mend and grow in time and you will be stronger from the experience.

For the Soul:
Take the time to be ALONE and find Your Self.
Simplify your surroundings.  Clear the clutter.  If you don’t use it, lose it.  Let go of that which no longer serves you. Donate to a charity.  Make good use of your stuff instead of letting it drain you.
Change your environment.  Paint a room a bright color. Reorganize furniture.  Change is life.  Stagnancy is death.
Explore nature.  Breathe in all the beauty around you.  Exhale everything else.  Life is abundant.

Take the time to reflect on your life up to now.  Create new goals.  Be the best you can be in every way.  Namaste!


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Love Your Body


Love is a natural human birthright.  Our bodies are living proof.  No matter what toxins, abuse, or self harm you bring to yourself, your body will continuously try to filter, repair, and heal itself to achieve homeostasis.  You only get one body to house your mind and soul, so treat it with loving kindness.

Love your body back by gently exercising, walking,  practicing yoga, meditating, and resting when needed.  Feed yourself clean foods, avoid toxic additives, smoke, alcohol, and caffeine.  Massage, aromatherapy, and reduce clutter and stress.

By taking care of your body, you will be able to love yourself and others more fully.  Love is contagious, and others will mirror you and return the favor.

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It’s never too late to set your intentions.  If you have New Years Resolutions, write them down so you don’t forget them.  Post them on the mirrors, doors, ceiling…wherever you will notice them.  Use colored paper, or affix them on your water bottle.  Set a reminder to revisit them each day for the first week, each week for the first month, and each month for the first year.  Applaud your triumphs, and accept your defeats.  Be kind to your Self and appreciate your dedication.  Repetition WILL become fruition. Once you have mastered your practice, deepen it and take it further.  Journal it, and share it with others. If you do not have any inspirational insights, feel free to borrow some of mine.

  1. Meditate daily for 15 minutes. Whether journaling, reading, or listening..Connect with your Self.
  2. Listen and learn more..Especially to and from your children who have innate wisdom of the world.  Speak less..and when you do, make it worth the breath you breathe.
  3. Surround yourself in positivity. Darkness cannot rule the light.  Be bright and sparkle.
  4. Stop wanting. Be grateful every day for all the gifts in your life.  The Law of Attraction works!
  5. Slow down..see the beauty..hear the melodious sounds of nature..smell the flora..taste the sustenance..feel the embrace..sense the supernatural.
  6. Be the observer of your feelings. Be the owner of your actions.
  7. Lead by example. Those who want, will follow.  Those who do not, will go their own way.
  8. Do not expect perfection from anyone, including yourself.
  9. Make fewer plans and be more spontaneous.
  10. Have faith in the what the universe brings. Use magic to make it your ultimate reality.

You don’t have to regret your past or label mistakes.  Consider learning from your experiences.  Wherever you are in life, you can accept it, set new goals, and make a conscious choice to move forward in a positive direction!