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Starting Over

It’s been so long since I posted to my blog. Last year I made the hard decision to leave my marriage of 15 years. After much support and consideration, I opted to leave a toxic situation and raise my children alone.

Everybody has issues, but nobody should commit to a serious relationship without dealing with their existing problems. A friend once told me “Don’t start a new book until you finish the one you’re reading”.

Unfortunately, the wounds from my ex’s prior relationship were never healed; the addictions unsatisfied. They festered into jealousy, control, and lies, which ultimately destroyed the trust – the foundation of our union. He has since returned to his first book to complete it.

He’s not a bad person. I will always love him for his numerous good qualities. He inspired and supported me in becoming a Nutritional Therapist. And he helped make our beautiful children.

Our children are brave, and though they should be protected from the complexities of the adult world, they have endured much pain, and are wise beyond their years. They stood by their parents faithfully, without judgement, throughout this divorce. They inspire me to be brave and strong on my own.

I choose to take responsibility for my part in the failed marriage, so I don’t repeat the mistakes of my past. I am learning about myself, so that I can make me the best version of My Self.

May this blog help me heal. May I spend my time wisely sharing wisdoms instead of despairing in sorrow. May I inspire others, so they inspire me to do what love.

May we all have peace, love, joy, and happiness. May we be kind because everyone is fighting a hard battle.

And so, I must close my book – unfinished……and start writing a new one.

~ Namaste



Easy, Healthy, Tasty, Low Acid Coffee


Coffee has its pros and cons.  It can provide energy for your workout, antioxidants, promote weight loss, invokes peristalsis for regularity, and can be an enjoyable social event or meditative morning ritual.  However; Coffee is a stimulant, can become addictive, and when overindulged, can have detrimental health effects.  Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Disrupted Sleep, Stained Teeth, Acid Reflux, and Dehydration are common side effects of overconsumption.  Moderation is key!

Coffee is one of the most highly sprayed crops, and decaffeinated coffee is usually manufactured by using a chemical process.  So consider purchasing Organic.  Additionally, try to support Fair Trade Coffees, as the Coffee Industry is known to employ slave laborers and poor working conditions.  Sampling local and small Coffee businesses can be educational and fun.  Many offer free tastings.  The different flavors will enlighten your senses!

As for the acidity of coffee that leaches calcium from your bones and teeth, creating a bodily environment hospitable to unwanted bacteria and pathogens….there is a way to reduce the acid….It’s called Cold Brewing….There are several devices you can buy online.  But it’s inexpensive and easy to do at home without any special contraptions.

Essentially, you can soak your ground Coffee in a glass pitcher of water the night before.  In the morning, simply strain your coffee into another glass pitcher and refrigerate or heat as desired.  Your coffee will have amazing flavor with up to 75% less acid.  Please take note, the caffeine content will be stronger!

Additionally, you can compost those spent grounds or use them in the garden for acid loving plants.  Did you know that swishing with water after drinking coffee reduces teeth stains substantially?  And drinking a large glass of water will help rehydrate you afterwards.

Enjoy your cup of Joe!


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10 Ways To Live Better By Living With Less

  1. Always bring your reusable bags shopping.  Keep a few in the back of your car.  Plastic litters the oceans, puts toxins in the atmosphere, and can take thousands of years to degrade.
  2. Reduce packaging.  Grow your own garden.  Buy bulk.  Eat fresh, unpackaged whole foods.  Avoid products that are double wrapped with plastic, and take the time to contact the manufacturers about their waste.  You might get a thank you for saving them money!
  3. Think twice before you buy.  The more “stuff” you buy, the more clutter you will have in your life.  Make sure every item you buy is worth its carbon footprint.  When you want some “thing” at the store, go home and research: where and how they are made, what the reviews are, and price.  You might check Craigslist to see if you can get a better deal.  If in 48 hours, if you still really want the item, chances are, it will still be there.
  4. Drive less.  Walking and biking are not only great forms of exercise, they make the world and your wallet “green”.  It is fun to slow down and see the world, while reducing pollution.  Employers may compensate employees for these modes of alternative transportation, including ride-sharing, taking the local transit.  Additionally, insurance companies will often give drivers discount for reduced mileage on their vehicles.
  5. Reuse your glass bottles and Paper.  Recycle everything else.  Many plastic bottles leach BPA.  You can use glass jars for storing Kombucha, Sauerkraut, freezer jam, and soups.   There is no need to buy water bottles, when you can reuse wine and juice bottles.  Cardboard and paper are great for sheet mulching in the garden.  Non-meat food items are great for composting.  Aluminum and steel cans can be donated to local schools for money.  Make sure to follow you local waste company’s policies on recycling to ensure everything ends up where it belongs.
  6. Buy Local.  Buying local supports the economy, reduces your carbon footprint, and results in better quality.  Buying foods without wrappers is better for the earth.  Help support your local farmers markets.  They might just save the community if there is ever a disaster in the commercial food supply.
  7. Grow Your Own Garden.  A little space, some good compost, and some local non-GMO seeds can produce alot of food.  Start with easy vegetables like Kale, Onions, Garlic, Beets, Chard, Spinach and Lettuce.  They are low maintenance and taste so much better right from the garden.  A fresh salad every day will take your health a long way.
  8. Consider Eating In.  Preparing your own food saves you money, and might even save you time from driving to a restaurant and waiting to be served.  You’ll know what the ingredients are, and with all the money you saved, you can probably even afford to splurge for an organic bottle or wine or make a nice fresh fruit salad for desert.  Why not have a game night or a movie while you are at it, and avoid the unsafe drivers.  Potlucks with friends are the best!
  9. Learn to Cook, Mend Your Clothes, Change Your Oil, Cut Your Hair, Clean Your House, and Perform Basic Home Maintenance.  Or swap these services with a friend who can.  Our ancestors knew how to take care of everything they owned.  Become empowered and learn to be independent.  You’ll be glad you did.
  10. Remember that the time you spend working is spending life energy.  How much of your life energy is that shiny new car worth?  Are working those weekend hours to pay for your new prize going to make you happier than spending Saturday fishing from the boat you carried in your old pickup truck?  Material items usually don’t last as long as memories.  Most of us have to work to provide income for basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare.  Spending less on frivolous things andaving for hard times make sense.  So, wherever you are working, make sure you are enjoying it.  Life is short, and never guaranteed.

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Take A Hike

Mt. Ellinor 6-2015

Mt. Ellinor View

Sometimes life gets hectic.  Planning an overnight escape for yourself can be tedious in itself.  A healthy way to gain mental clarity, get away from it all, and even get some exercise is to embark on a local day hike.  Support your State or National by exploring one of the many trails less than an hour away.  Whether you are trekking the salt flats or hiking to the top of the mountain, it important to always remember the 10 essentials. Just because it’s sunny at base camp doesn’t mean the mountain air won’t be frigid, and safe drinking water isn’t always available.  Remember, though the incline seems laborious, the views can be remarkable.  Make sure to start early in the day so you can take your time to stop and smell the flowers.  You might even make a few Friends along the way.

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Plan Your Nutritious Meals for the Week! Download A Free Copy of the Weekly Menu Template.

Planning the weekly menu with your household can be a fun way to bring everyone together.  Sharing in the responsibility of preparing and serving meals lets everyone feel empowered, and prevents misunderstandings.  Being able to plan your meals a week in advance makes shopping simple.  It’s easier to make healthy choices when you are prepared.  Enjoy this printable template.

Weekly Menu

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Body Mind Spirit Challenge

Mission #1:  Start Your Journey

Get outside.  Take a 15-60 minute brisk walk.  Test Your Limits.  Take the time to identify as many different colored leaves as possible.  Take deep breaths in through your nostrils and exhale through your mouth.  For a list of walks in Olympia, visit:

Mission #2:  Think Positive

Negative thoughts invoke stress, causing sickness and disease.  Positivity harbors happiness, health, and enlightenment.  Both energies are contagious, so let’s spread some goodness.  This simple Positive thought exercise can be practiced daily:

Tie a brightly colored string or rubber band around your writing hand’s pointer finger (not too tight!)  A pen line will also do.  While staring at your finger, repeat the phrase 10 times “I will only think positive thoughts and speak positive words”.  Focus on the good in people and in life’s circumstances.  When you catch yourself judging someone or feeling negative about a situation, look at your finger, smile, take a deep breath in, and exhale while uttering the phrase 10 times.  Remember not to judge yourself.  Be proud of your mindfulness.

Mission #3:  Get Herbal

Herbs contain powerful micronutrients, increasing immunity.  They help flavor food, and support overall wellness.  Try including at least a couple herbs in your diet per day.  Cinnamon is great in properly soaked steel cut oats, or on Ezekiel Bread with butter.  Mint is great in water.  Curried foods warm your soul in the cold months.  Dill is refreshing in salads.  Basil is beautiful and fragrant with goat cheese.  Try to purchase fresh herbs.  If you have leftovers, freezing or drying are great ways to save them for later!

Mission #4:  Strengthen Your Core

We are only as strong as our weakest link.  Maintaining core strength is paramount to our overall well-being. Our abdominal muscles support our precious backs, which supports our neck and head.  If we don’t strengten our cores, we can succomb to back pain, tension head aches, digestive upset, and nerve damage.  Just a  couple minutes every day can make a huge improvement in your health.  Yoga, deep breathing, crunches, and practicing good posture are all effective methods of core strengthing.  Increase your time and intensity every week.  You’ll be glad you did!

Mission #5:  Forgive and Let Go

Holding a grudge is toxic.  It keeps your Adrenaline flowing, drains your energy, and weakens your body, mind, and spirit.  When your body is busy making Adrenaline, it is unable to manufacture Natural Killer T Cells, leaving you vulnerable to attack from Viruses, Bacteria, and Cancer.  Additionally, excessive Cortisol is produced, storing Fat.  Fat stores toxins, to protect our bodies from a toxic overload.

It is important to remember we are All Human, and We All make mistakes.  Writing a letter to the Ones We are suffering over can be therapeutic.  Taking the time to reflect on the situation, and considering how the other party feels can help bring light and understanding.  Practicing how We will share Our perspective with the other Individual beforehand is important.   When the time comes, ensure you are in a safe, neutral location, without any time constraints.  Speak what You scripted, then, as practiced, be willing to listen to the other side has to say.  There are times where it may not be possible, appropriate, or necessary to meet in Person.  Forgiveness is still possible, as it comes from within You.  In this case, you can take Your words, read them out loud, then burn or shred them.  Truly let them go, and Forgive Your Self.

Forgiveness can be painful, as we slowly release the tension and toxins.  However; You will become free and light as a result.

Mission #6:  Give Your Gut a Break

Digestion is an energy intensive process, and Our Bodies prioritize breaking down and absorbing nutrients over building immunity and detoxing.

Consuming a Breakfast packed with nutritious proteins and fats to fuel us for the long day ahead.  Our natural Circadian Rythm allows our digestive system to relax at night, so we can naturally process and eliminate toxins, while creating new cells, including T cells for our immune system.  So it is important, to limit foods that our difficult to digest for Dinner (steaks, refined carbohydrates, etc.)  As we approach the end of the day, our caloric needs are reduced, so “Eating Light at Night” is sensical.  Try eating a variety of green salads, and include healthy oils.  Having a glass of water before bed will aid in digestion, elimination, and detoxification.

Remember to mechanically chew your food thoroughly (until it is liquid), so your digestive tract does not have to slow down to compensate.

Mission #7:  Be Flexible

Yoga benefits your body, mind, and spirit.  It increases your flexibility, reduces anxiety, and enlightens your soul.  Practicing regularly can help reduce pain, hypertension, arthritis, insomnia, fatigue, depression, obesity, and has been known to suppress cancer.  Breathwork is integral to Yoga, helping control the body, and quiet the mind.  Stretching muscles and compressing organs helps to remove toxins, and increase lymphatic and vascular function.

There are several  styles of Yoga, to suit every individual’s need.  For beginners, Gentle or Restorative Yoga can offer safe and relaxing ways to breathe, stretch, and rejuvenate.  Vinyasa is faster, focusing on coordination of breath and movement.  Bikram Yoga, sometimes referred to as “Hot Yoga” is an intense series of repeated Asana performed at 105 degrees, building strength, stamina, and discipline.  Anasura, Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini are some of the other popular styles of Yoga, just to name a few.  You can find several local Yoga Studios in Olympia or practice at home .

Whatever style(s) you choose, remember to:

  • practice with regularity and set your intention before each session
  • be mindful of your breathing and focus on the Present
  • do not compete or compare yourself to others; Yoga is a personal journey
  • keep hydrated, maintain a healthy diet, and practice on a light stomach