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Grounding Earth

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How is possible that two cold bodies become warm when embraced?  Why is it we are drawn to touching massive, old growth trees?  How come it feels so invigorating to take our shoes off and connect with the Earth?  Why does wading in the ocean’s saline waters rejuvenate our souls?


We are all electricity.  Every breathing human, animal, and plant.  Every rock, element, particle.  We are All connected in this way.  Even when our bodies die, the energy is transferred to something or someone else.


A Friend of mine inspired me with his knowledge of flora, admiration of trees, and love of Sea Life and ice plants.  During our walks, he would regularly stop to study large fallen Maple leaves, palm the thick bark of a majestic ancient pine, or gently whisp the delicate leaves of a beautiful rainbow maple tree.  I remember how he slowed me down to appreciate the magic of simplicity.  He also spoke of grounding, letting the sun hit his face, and connecting spiritually.  I recall feeling recharged during these times.


I recently checked out the book “Earthing” and read it during an excursion to the Oregon coast.  The book explains how becoming balanced with earth’s electrical field by touching ground heals disease, improves mood, and increases overall health.  As the book suggested, I spent the majority of my time barefoot with my feet in the sand, which is what I have always naturally been inclined to do at the beach. 

During this time of grounding, there was no stress or pain.  The children lost track of time and dug through the sand, waded in the healing waters, while the sun warmed our bodies.


I take with me some vivid memories, and intent to ground with earth everyday regardless of time, duties, or excuses.





One thought on “Grounding Earth

  1. A beauty reminder of natures healing powers – and a great time of year to go barefoot and reconnect with Mother Earth! Namaste

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