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The Winter Garden

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I give thanks to the garden that feeds us year round. After Autumn harvest, I sow onions, garlic, leeks, root vegetables, and cruciferous greens.


Quick growing spinach, arugala, and radish greens will grow covered under well ventilated mini hoop houses.

This year, dark landscaping material heats the soil, keeping rows tidy, and reduces weed growth.

The chard, kale, and beets continue to produce breakfast greens throughout winter.

The leeks are huge now, making excellent soups.

Carrots, turnips, brassicas, and radishes get tastier a temperatures drop.

The herb garden is protected by the fence lending Oregano, Lovage, Rosemary, Sorrel, and Thyme in the Cold Season.

While many vegetables and herbs are dormant, it is possible to grow an array of produce year round in the Pacific Northwest with a little creativity, effort, and passion.

Eat Local.


One thought on “The Winter Garden

  1. A beautiful winter garden! I live in the PNW too…you’ve inspired me!

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