Enlighten Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Recipe for Healing Within

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Sometimes skies are grey, life seems dull,  and we feel lost.  We cannot always control external factors, so we must look within.  We can focus on nourishing our bodies, to support our minds, heal our hearts, and lift our souls.

Realize the majority of your body is inhabited by non human cells including bacteria and yeast. Stress,  sugar,  processed foods,  and other unhealthy lifestyle choices disrupt healthy flora equilibrium.  When this happens, opportunistic candida colonizes sending signals to all parts of your body in forms of unhealthy cravings and negative thoughts, leading to fatigue and depression.

Drinking more water,  resting,  yoga, positive meditation,  nature and good company are great ways to combat these invaders.  When that’s not enough, send in the troops by with one of the most probiotic rich medicines ever known…. Sauerkraut! . Here’s a basic recipe from Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions”,  one of my favorite cookbooks.


Organic cabbage is local to the Pacific Northwest in winter,  so load up!


I skip the whey (I am lactose intolerant) so I make up with mineral rich sea salts.


Sampling to ensure it tastes perfect before smashing in a gallon jar.


The salt releases the enzymes and lactobacillus proliferates in the firmly packed,  dark anaerobic environment for a week or longer before consumption and refrigeration.

A fork full a day keeps the bad bugs away!  Namaste


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