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Easy Clean Paleo Dinner #2

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Pumpkin Apple Carrot Bisque with Broccoli and Garlic Chicken Meatballs

This dinner was alot easier than it looks, and it contains fresh food from my garden.

But, rest assured, you can get everything you need from the store.


For the Bisque, I had already baked my backyard pumpkin, and froze it.  I of course, roasted, salted, and ate the seeds!  So, I simply threw 3 cups of frozen pumpkin in a pan to melt it.  I chopped up a few slices of fresh ginger and 4 large Organic Costco carrots and simmered them in a pan to sweeten them up.  After cooking, I threw them in a Vitamix with 2 cups of Organic Treetop Applesauce from Costco.  I blended into a Bisque, added purple sage sprigs from my herb garden and Voila!  A warm, sweet, and spicy treat filled with Vitamin A and Carotenoids!

As for the Broccoli….well, Costco has pre-packaged portions of Organic Frozen Broccoli, so into the pan with some water for steaming it goes!  It is important not to overcook broccoli or to use too much water.  Many of the overcooked vitamins will end up in the liquid if so.  You want to savor the antioxidants from this cruciferous vegetable.  This is why lightly steaming is so important.

Lastly, the already-cooked Organic Aidells Sweet Chicken and Roasted Garlic from Costco go into the Stainless Steel Pan for 10 minutes to get re-heated.  We only cook with Cast Iron, glass, Ceramic and Stainless steel, because aluminum, teflon, and other unnatural surfaces cause cancer and other health issues.


Total time tonight?  30 minutes from freezer and garden to plate.  I even added candlelight to the dinner table.  So, c’mon….you can do this too!


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