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Easy Clean Paleo Dinner #1

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Some of my Friends have asked me how I am able to maintain a healthy body while managing a career, children, a garden, and a blog.  I won’t lie – it takes dedication.  Being fit and eating right require passion.  My family’s health and wellness are paramount, so I MAKE THE TIME.  I’ve decided to share some easy meal ideas on this blog to help you see how attainable and sustainable this can be.  Call me creative, but I’m not top Chef.  These are easy meals.  Realize, Nutritional Therapy is not about calories, so portions won’t be calculated, and recipes won’t be specific..It is about thoughtfully choosing, preparing, and eating nutrient dense foods that will satiate your hunger and satisfy your soul.  I hope you enjoy these meals.  Tonight’s recipe is BBQ Chicken with Garden and Jicama (Potato) Salad.

BBQ Chicken with Garden Salad and Jicama (Potato) Salad

BBQ Chicken with Garden Salad and Jicama (Potato) Salad

Paleo Jicama Salad – click on the link for a nutrient dense alternative to potato salad.  Amazing!

Garden Salad: Costco Organic Mixed Baby Greens, Trader Joes Organic Mushrooms, Costco Avocado, Costco Red Bell Pepper, for the dressing – Costco EVOO, and Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar from Fred Meyer.  Mix the greens to release the powerful enzymes, to help start the digestive process.

BBQ Chicken – Coleman’s Organic Boneless Chicken Thighs grilled until done on iron skillet with Stubb’s All Natural BBQ Sauce all from Costco (children love the chicken chopped and put on skewers!)

Kirkland Signature Matcha Green Tea from Costco – drinking this warm antioxidant before dinner will help dilate your vessels for maximum nutrient intake.

Thank you for reading.


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