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Easy Clean Paleo Dinner #3

Avocado Hummus Turkey Burgers with Artichoke Spinach Salad

Avocado Hummus Turkey Burgers with Artichoke Spinach Salad

Tonight’s Dinner is Simple, and Yummy.  These ingredients are from Costco and Trader Joes.  Enjoy!


  • Kirkland Signature Turkey Burger grilled on the stove
  • Organic Mushrooms
  • Organic Onions Sliced and Sauteed in Organic Butter
  • Sabra Organic Hummus
  • Avocado Slices


  • Organic Spinach
  • Peeled Organic Carrots
  • Red Bell Peppers
  • Canned Artichoke Heart in Water
  • Organic EVOO
  • Braggs Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

This simple meal can be yours in less than 30 minutes!


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Easy Clean Paleo Dinner #2


Pumpkin Apple Carrot Bisque with Broccoli and Garlic Chicken Meatballs

This dinner was alot easier than it looks, and it contains fresh food from my garden.

But, rest assured, you can get everything you need from the store.


For the Bisque, I had already baked my backyard pumpkin, and froze it.  I of course, roasted, salted, and ate the seeds!  So, I simply threw 3 cups of frozen pumpkin in a pan to melt it.  I chopped up a few slices of fresh ginger and 4 large Organic Costco carrots and simmered them in a pan to sweeten them up.  After cooking, I threw them in a Vitamix with 2 cups of Organic Treetop Applesauce from Costco.  I blended into a Bisque, added purple sage sprigs from my herb garden and Voila!  A warm, sweet, and spicy treat filled with Vitamin A and Carotenoids!

As for the Broccoli….well, Costco has pre-packaged portions of Organic Frozen Broccoli, so into the pan with some water for steaming it goes!  It is important not to overcook broccoli or to use too much water.  Many of the overcooked vitamins will end up in the liquid if so.  You want to savor the antioxidants from this cruciferous vegetable.  This is why lightly steaming is so important.

Lastly, the already-cooked Organic Aidells Sweet Chicken and Roasted Garlic from Costco go into the Stainless Steel Pan for 10 minutes to get re-heated.  We only cook with Cast Iron, glass, Ceramic and Stainless steel, because aluminum, teflon, and other unnatural surfaces cause cancer and other health issues.


Total time tonight?  30 minutes from freezer and garden to plate.  I even added candlelight to the dinner table.  So, c’mon….you can do this too!

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Easy Clean Paleo Dinner #1

Some of my Friends have asked me how I am able to maintain a healthy body while managing a career, children, a garden, and a blog.  I won’t lie – it takes dedication.  Being fit and eating right require passion.  My family’s health and wellness are paramount, so I MAKE THE TIME.  I’ve decided to share some easy meal ideas on this blog to help you see how attainable and sustainable this can be.  Call me creative, but I’m not top Chef.  These are easy meals.  Realize, Nutritional Therapy is not about calories, so portions won’t be calculated, and recipes won’t be specific..It is about thoughtfully choosing, preparing, and eating nutrient dense foods that will satiate your hunger and satisfy your soul.  I hope you enjoy these meals.  Tonight’s recipe is BBQ Chicken with Garden and Jicama (Potato) Salad.

BBQ Chicken with Garden Salad and Jicama (Potato) Salad

BBQ Chicken with Garden Salad and Jicama (Potato) Salad

Paleo Jicama Salad – click on the link for a nutrient dense alternative to potato salad.  Amazing!

Garden Salad: Costco Organic Mixed Baby Greens, Trader Joes Organic Mushrooms, Costco Avocado, Costco Red Bell Pepper, for the dressing – Costco EVOO, and Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar from Fred Meyer.  Mix the greens to release the powerful enzymes, to help start the digestive process.

BBQ Chicken – Coleman’s Organic Boneless Chicken Thighs grilled until done on iron skillet with Stubb’s All Natural BBQ Sauce all from Costco (children love the chicken chopped and put on skewers!)

Kirkland Signature Matcha Green Tea from Costco – drinking this warm antioxidant before dinner will help dilate your vessels for maximum nutrient intake.

Thank you for reading.

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Feel Your Food

Mindfulness is key to optimal health.  It is important to be aware of what you are putting in your body, to interpret the biofeedback it is constantly providing you.

Nutrition Tracking Software is freely available and makes it easy to log your caloric intake and expenditure.  Apps such as MyFitness Pal, Sparkpeople, amongst many others allow people to log their diet and exercise, track weight, share recipes, and support one another in their wellness ventures all at the convenience of your Smart Phone.

The only thing missing from these marvelous applications is the ability to log how you feel throughout the day, as well as any environmental stressors (toxins, stress, etc.) you may encounter. This helps us learn what foods are best for our bio-individual bodies.

Many of us are suffering from inflammation, fatigue, depression, or other digestive and mental diseases.  The pain we interpret is our body trying to alert us that something is wrong.  Our innately intelligent bodies are to send us signal us that something needs to change.  It is essential to take note of these queues.  Food journaling will help you differentiate between foods are benefical and detrimental to your body.

If, for instance, you are experiencing gas after a meal, your food journal might indicate too much food, improper food combining, or eating when you are not in parasympathetic mode.  Skin conditions, headaches, and mental confusion are often signs of allergies

You should be satiated and energized after a healthy meal.  If not, take this simple Dietary Fine Tuning Mini Quiz to determine what’s missing from your meal.  Take note of how you feel, omit possible allergens, eat fresh whole foods, and appreciate every bite.

Breathe in and exhale “Let thy food be thy medicine”….”You are what you eat”….”Garbage in – Garbage out”…..simple, yet effective historic mantras.  ~ Namaste

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Get Hot and Sweaty


There’s no better way to feel the heat on a cold winter day that sweating it out in a Far Infrared Sauna!

Saunas have long been used to relax, rejuvenate, cleanse, and socialize.  The benefits of flushing heavy metals, cleanse skin, and increase circulation have been known for thousands of years.  Now, Far Infrared heat saunas can penetrate the skin more deeply than traditional saunas, better aiding in a number of restorative body processes.  There are many benefits to sweating in a far infrared sauna.

Sweating helps flush out toxins such as mercury, lead, and environmental chemicals, from the body and in so doing reduces its toxic load, aiding in liver function. With infrared saunas, the sweating is deeper and more profuse, enabling your body to excrete a higher percentage of toxins than with a conventional sauna. Infrared saunas are also a great alternative for those who don’t like high temperatures or need to avoid them for medical reasons due to the temperature controls.  You can receive benefits with 15-20 minutes, while most people stay in for up to an hour.  Of course, it is always important to consult with your Physician if you have any medical conditions.

When you sweat, you’ll be stimulating better blood flow and circulation throughout your body, reducing blood pressure, and healing arterial walls.  Additionally, you can relax tight muscles and easing minor aches and pains.   Infrared saunas can provide drug-free pain relief for muscles and joints.  They can improve chronic conditions like arthritis, by reducing stiffness and inflammation, and also aid in muscle recovery.

Infrared spas help improve skin tone and reduce signs of aging by stimulating collagen production, and cleansing pores for a radiant glow.  Because of their ability to penetrate the skin more deeply, they increase metabolic rate and can help the body burn off anywhere from 200 – 600 calories in a half hour session.  Most initial weight loss is water, so hydration is essential.

Many gyms and even yoga studios employ Far Infrared Technology.  Nowadays, a home sauna can be very affordable.  This small investment can have large returns to your health.  You can find portable, easy to assemble models at Costco starting under $1000.

Happy Sweating!

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We have All been hurt, and have also hurt Others.  Humans are beautifully imperfect by design.

It is not necessary to forget, but it is important to learn to forgive.

Holding onto tension from the past can cause systematic problems for the heart, lungs, muscles, digestive tract, and the mind.  By accepting the “mistakes” that allow us to learn, grow, and evolve, we can All rise to a higher state of consciousness and well-being.