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Summer is Fading – But You Don’t Have To

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PooPoo Point

PooPoo Point

As the leaves turn colors and drop to the ground in the Pacific Northwest, the night sky comes earlier, and the chill of the fall breeze sets in, I am reminded how short the summer is.  I can still taste the fresh berries, fruits, and vegetables from the garden.  The once daily used swimming pool is now green and ready for storage.  The routine weekend outdoor activities are replaced with school time preparation.

But the wonderful days don’t have to end.  Now is a time for soaking up the fleeting Vitamin D producing sunrays.  Now is the time to start your indoor gym memberships.  Now is the time to store all your nutrient dense, home grown, local foods and start your fall winter mini hoop gardens.  Now is the time to schedule your fall weekend outdoor escapes.

As Fall sets in, and folks gather in close quarters, we start the cold and flu season.  Instead of over-sanitizing, consider boosting your immune system naturally.  Growing cold hardy leafy greens such as chard, kale, rocket, and arugula is easy to do.  Maintaining these fresh nutrient dense foods in your diet will provide the majority of your vitamin and mineral intake.  Storing squash, garlic, and onions will keep your body strong throughout late fall.  And the bumper apple crop can be frozen or made into tasty sauce.  Stock your medicine cabinet with dried herbs and spices to keep your metabolic fire burning.

It is estimated that apx. 10% of Americans are prescribed antidepressants, which can be addictive, devoid your body of nutrients, and come with side effects which can make symptoms worse, even causing death.  These drugs rewire your brain and change who you are….They usually do not resolve the source issue, but they are easy for Physicians to prescribe, and bring in alot of money for the Doctors.  It is important to address any underlying problems with counseling and stress reduction.  Save yourself and money by eating whole foods including healthy fats.  Most seasonal sadness can be alleviated by eating a nutrient dense whole foods diet.  This includes a rainbow of pesticide free vegetables, plenty of natural animal proteins, berries, properly prepared nuts, and fruits.  Eliminate bad fats like canola, shortening, and commercially farmed animals.  Rather, eat avocados, EVOO, Coconut Oil, grass fed meat, real butter, and free range eggs that provide an array of healthy fats that allow our bodies to assimilate fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.  Quit sugar alltogether; and reduce refined grains and foods, as they rob your body of B vitamins, which are integral in supporting mental health.  Eat real food and get into a good mood.

Homemade broths are superfoods, and there’s nothing better than a hot soup on a cold day filled with all those vegetables you stored.  Keep your digestion strong with bitters and enzymes.  Most important, don’t stop moving.  Running, biking, and hiking can continue with a change of wardrobe.  Detox by visiting an infrared sauna, or hot yoga studio.  Most gymnasiums have heated pools, too.

Enjoy the cozy days with hot herbal teas.  The SAD (Standard American Diet) is largely comprised of refined sugar and grains, so be the change at the next holiday party by preparing a healthy real-food treat.  Keep moving, smiling, and enjoy the transition to fall.


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