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Take A Hike

Mt. Ellinor 6-2015

Mt. Ellinor View

Sometimes life gets hectic.  Planning an overnight escape for yourself can be tedious in itself.  A healthy way to gain mental clarity, get away from it all, and even get some exercise is to embark on a local day hike.  Support your State or National by exploring one of the many trails less than an hour away.  Whether you are trekking the salt flats or hiking to the top of the mountain, it important to always remember the 10 essentials. Just because it’s sunny at base camp doesn’t mean the mountain air won’t be frigid, and safe drinking water isn’t always available.  Remember, though the incline seems laborious, the views can be remarkable.  Make sure to start early in the day so you can take your time to stop and smell the flowers.  You might even make a few Friends along the way.


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Going Against the Grain

Have you ever notice that almost every food that comes in a package includes some grain?  Who would expect tea, lunchmeat, mustard, baking powder, dog food, or even envelopes to contain grain?  Ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, corn oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein, modified food starch, MSG, vegetable gum, maltose, artificial or natural flavors, etc… the list goes on and on.  Wheat is more addictive than sugar, and processed food manufacturers know it.  Modified grain crops are bred to be resistant to pests and sprays, more compact to produce more kernels, and require little space to grow.  So, it’s a profitable industry.

Humans have been primarily hunters and gatherers for the majority of their couple hundred thousand years existence.  Wild grains were not abundant until the agricultural era.  Even then, the tall wheat and small corn cobs produced were incomparable to today’s genetically modified super grains.  Wheat stalks are half the height, to produce more grain and less stem.  The couple rows of kernels on corn cobs that Native Americans grew are multiplied several times, with large, sugary kernels.  These changes produce more calories to feed the human masses, our vehicles, and even livestock – why aren’t we feeding them grass?.

In a time of growing Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Neurological, and Behavioral issues, it’s obvious there’s something very wrong with what’s going in.  Children with Autism and other behavioral issues show significant improvement with removing grain-given gluten from their diets.  People with diabetes are discouraged from eating glucose-spiking breads and pastas.  There is a link between obesity and the modern diseases that have come about in the last century (Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc.) Weston A. Price offers a valuable insight to the demise of American health after the reign of grains in The Oiling of America.  Not only have grains become a staple of the American diet, but the  transition from an unprocessed animal and plant-based diet to a genetically modified, highly processed diet has happened within a very short period of time in human evolution.  Humans have not had time to adapt to the pesticide laden, genetically modified Standard American Diet.

Most bodies do not respond well to the inflammatory doses of gliadin / gluten.  If you are suffering from conditions such as Psoriasis, Excema, Acne, Acid Reflux, Bloating, Colitis, Diverticulitis, Anxiety, Depression, Allergies, or Fatigue, consider taking a break from grain for a couple weeks.  Start a food journal and note physical and mental changes.  Make sure to include other fibers such as dark, leafy greens and low sugar foods.  To satiate your appetite, include healthy fats such as coconut, olive, and/or avocado oils.  Grass fed animal products will provide muscle-building proteins and healthy Omega 3’s.  As always, eat a colorful, fresh, unprocessed diet. You may notice a die-off of all the sugary starch dependant yeasts.  Your Bristol Stool Form Scale may become more shapely and more frequent.  After a few weeks, you should feel more energized and light and be more beautiful.

For more information, you can read the following books: Against All Grains, Grain Brain, Practical Paleo, and Wheat Belly.

Every Body is different, and it is everyone’s responsibility to listen to their own signals.  Part of the healing process includes some discomfort.  Any time you make a dietary change, it is advisable to consult a Professional.