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ABC Pudding – Who Knew Nutritious Could Be So Delicious?

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ABC Pudding

When You’re craving Chocolate or sweets, try this simple and nutritious treat. It’s as easy as ABC (Avocado, Banana, and Cocoa) Chocolate cravings often indicate a Magnesium deficiency, so give your body what is is asking for with Raw Cocoa!  Refined sugar depletes your body of essential nutrients and elevates blood sugar levels.  Consuming natural, healthy fats found in Avocados will help slow the absorption of the simple fruit sugars, providing long-lasting energy.

1 Ripe Organic Avocado
1 Ripe Organic Banana
1 TBSP Organic Raw Cocoa Powder

Optional Ingredients:
1 TBSP Hemp Seeds
1 TBSP Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
1 tsp Seaweed
1 TBSP Chia Seeds
1 tsp Cinnamon

Peel Avocado and Banana. Smash Avocado and Banana thoroughly or place in blender until pureed. Blend in Cocoa Powder and Optional Ingredients completely.  Place in Bowl (or Avocado peels as shown in picture) and enjoy!

Additionally, you can freeze organic banana peels to stir-fry on another occasion.  But that is another recipe…..


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