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Kombucha, the Wonder Drink

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Kombucha has been a choice medicinal drink for thousand of years.  It is a fizzy fermented tea that is teaming with beneficial yeasts and bacteria.  It aids in digestion, reducing acid reflux, heartburn, and creates a sense of calm in those who drink it.  It is produced from a large discus culture called a SCOBY, meaning “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.”  The brew is essentially comprised of Green Tea, Vinegar and Sugar.  The culture ferments the mixture, and in the process creates another Kombucha and a refreshing, fizzy drink.

Companies, such as Synergy, make the taste more palatable by adding all sorts of flavors to the brew including Ginger, Grape, Strawberry, Lemon, and Cranberry.  The drink is meant to be sipped throughout the day, not consumed at one sitting.  Commercially, it is priced at approximately $4 per bottle.  You can create this wonderous miracle drink at home for the price of tea, sugar, (and if you don’t have a friend who can pass one on, a SCOBY)  See the recipe here:

But, Kombucha has other uses.  The old, original SCOBYs are full of nutrition, and can be chopped up and put in salads.  People will pay large sums of money to get “Kombucha Facial Peels”, a natural microderm abrasion.  It also cleans and conditions your hair.  Plant a SCOBY or compost it for acidic fertilizer.  It’s always good to pass on a SCOBY to a friend, just in case your culture goes bad.



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