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10 Simple Rules for a Happier, Healthier YOU

It can be difficult to decide what diet or exercise program to follow, and what foods to eat/avoid.  Practicing these simple guidelines will help you live a happier, healthier life:

  1. Drink a 12 oz. cup of Filtered Water with Fresh Squeezed Lemon when you wake up to cleanse your body and prepare digestion.
  2. Eat quality organic, fresh, local, whole foods when they are in season.
  3. Include plenty of Protein and Healthy Fat in every Breakfast (ex. Whole egg, Nitrate Free Turkey Bacon, Almond Butter, real Butter, Olive Oil, and Coconut Oil) to provide your body the energy it needs for the day.  Eat light at night when less energy is required.
  4. When you feel hungry, drink 8 oz. water.  If you still feel hungry after, then eat.
  5. Take 10 deep inhalations and exhalations and give thanks before each meal.
  6. Chew each mouthful 30 times or until food is liquid.  Notice how the food makes your body feel.
  7. Eat 3 different colors at every meal (ex: Kale, Squash, Beets) and include fermented foods like Sauerkraut, Kefir, Beet Kvass, Kombucha, or Miso daily.
  8. Never put in or on your body: Hydrogenated, High Fructose, Artificial, BHT, MSG, Aspartame, Bleached, Enriched, Nitrates/ites, Refined, Food Colors), or anything you can’t pronounce.
  9. Walk at your best pace for 1 hour daily.
  10. Reduce stress by prioritizing and letting go of unnecessary activities (TV, Social Networking, Gaming, etc.)  Time is priceless.  Buy less “stuff” so you can work less and maintain less.  The time and money you save can buy you quality food and time with family and friends.