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Water is Life

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Water Warrior

Water Warrior

Like the Earth, we are composed of more than 60 percent water.  Water is essential for life.  It helps maintain body temperature, metabolizes body fat, aids in digestion, lubricates and cushions organs, transports nutrients, and flushes toxins.  Dehydration causes disease.

A simple calculation for how much water you should drink is to divide the body weight in pounds by 2. This is the minimum number of ounces of water you should drink per day.  When drinking diuretics such as caffeine, one will need to drink an additional 1.5 times that volume of pure water.  Never exceed one gallon of water per day.  Sip water slowly throughout the day, except during meals, as it can interfere with nutrient absorption.  Adding a pinch of sea salt to your water will add beneficial electrolytes to your water and aid hydration.

Sources should be filtered, avoiding chlorinated, flourinated, or bottled water, as they may be contaminated with chemicals and other carcinogens.

For more information on the importance of hydration, I recommend reading F. Batmanghelidj’s “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”.  Stay hydrated.


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