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Crisco is Poison


How is it that I baked with this for so many years?  It’s organic butter only from now on!


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Eczema Relief

I thought this recent post from my Professor might be of interest to those who suffer from scaly, itchy eczema.

Eczema is definitely a sign of a food sensitivity and leaky gut situation.  Total elimination and avoidance of the common allergic triggers to this skin condition is key to discovering the root cause:  wheat and other gluten containing foods, dairy, eggs, corn and soy — all are potential triggers of eczema.  

Try this topical test:  spread a small patch of the suspect food on the inside of your wrist or underside of your arm, let dry and allow that patch to remain there overnight while you sleep.  Check it in the morning for any redness, itching, swelling.  If the skin seems aggravated, there is likely a sensitivity internally as well.

Topical options for relieving eczema:

Make a paste of ripe avocado with a probiotic supplement powder sprinkled in, mix well and apply to eczema area (covered with light gauze to avoid a mess).  Leave on for 12 hours, reapply as necessary.

Use chlorophyll mixed with coconut oil or sesame oil and apply as a poultice in the same way. 

-excerpt from my Professor Cathy Eason, NTP LMP

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The truth is a virus.  I hope this blog will awaken your minds and ignite a new passion and respect for your bodies.

This information is based on my research and learnings as an Nutritional Therapy Association student. I advise you to further research materials you are interested in, and form your own opinions and conclusions. You may make a new discovery!

Thanks to all who support me.  Together we can help others become aware, heal our bodies, save humanity, and our home planet.

Your body is a temple. Treat it with love and respect. Eat whole organic foods that will help you to grow and sustain your mind, body and soul.